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How do I get started with SearchWithin
Install your OpenAI API key from the Settings page. There are instructions on the Settings page.

Can I open a PDF or HTML file, get a summary and ask questions
Yes. When you load a document in the Document Page, SearchWithin will generate a brief summary. Depending on the Settings, it will either list the main topics or describe each of the main topics and ask a question. At any time, you can ask questions about the contents of the document in the query box and SearchWithin will answer your question.

How does SearchWithin work
The first time you load a document, SearchWithin will extract the text and use OpenAI to summarize and prepare to answer your questions about the document. Depending on the size of the document, this can take awhile. The next time you open the document, it will load instantly.

Why is SearchWithin better than online tools for querying PDF files

Enhanced Privacy: SearchWithin prioritizes your privacy. Unlike online solutions, it eliminates the need for intermediary websites that store your data.

Cost-Effectiveness: SearchWithin offers a more cost-effective solution. Unlike online tools that impose monthly charges, there are no recurring fees from Software995. With SearchWithin, you only require an OpenAI account and are charged solely by OpenAI for your usage.

Expanded Functionality: SearchWithin stands out by enabling you to query local folders and multiple documents. This unique feature is exclusive to SearchWithin, providing a comprehensive search experience.

Can I open an entire folder and its subfolders containing PDF, HTML and TXT files, and ask questions
Yes. The Folder Page allows you to explore multiple files at once. First, Add a folder and Process it. Once processed, you can Load the folder and query it.

How do I get use SearchWithin to improve my reading comprehension and retention with the Document page
Select Increase Comprehension With Questions in the Settings page. When you load documents, SearchWithin will generate multiple-choice to improve your comphrehension of the summary and main topics in the document.

How do I get use SearchWithin to improve my reading comphrehension and retention with the Story page
The Story page will generate a short story based the description you provide in the lower box. It will display a few paragraphs followed by a multiple choice question. After providing the correct answer, the story will continue with another question.

Can SearchWithin help me understand documents in a foreign language
Yes. You can specify English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German in the Settings page as the output language. Regardless of the language of the loaded document, summaries, questions and anwsers will be in the selected language.

Can SearchWithin help me learn a foreign language
Yes. You can specify English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German in the Settings page as the output language. The Story page will generate short stories and multiple-choice questions in the selected language.

What is the Graph Page and how does it work
The Graph Page displays your documents in a 2 dimensional meaning space and color encodes clusters of documents with similar topics. Left clicking on a document will open its summary in a dialog and allow you to open the document. Right key down enables scrolling. Middle key down permits zooming. The Reset button returns the view to the original display.

Privacy Policy
Software995 does not collect or transmit user information. Document text and queries are submitted to OpenAI whose privacy policy may be found here: OpenAI privacy policy. A connection to our server is used only to load the application content and any supporting images, templates and other supporting files.

Can I still download the original SearchWithin
Yes. The original version of SearchWithin used to index files may be downloaded here: Original SearchWithin Download.

SearchWithin is made available by Software995, the company that allows you to create professional-quality PDF files for free. The Pdf995 suite of products is a complete solution for your document publishing needs, offering ease of use, flexibility in format, and industry-standard security.

SearchWithin comes with absolutely no warranty.

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