Search More Effectively: SearchWithin

SearchWithin is a free full text index search engine that allows you to quickly search inside the files on your drive or network. It looks beyond the titles and inside PDF, HTML, Text, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Word Perfect and Microsoft PowerPoint documents. If Omniformat with the OCR Module is installed, SearchWithin will index normally unsearchable PDF files created from scans or faxes by employing Optical Character Recognition. SearchWithin works just like major search engines, using advanced querying and full-text search technologies to help you find the information you need fast. Results are automatically displayed in your browser.

Using SearchWithin, you can easily retrieve the documents that contain the multiple keywords and phrases you are interested in. SearchWithin makes it easy to apply powerful "and/or" operators to your search. It also allows you to search multiple indexes across a network and publish your own indexes for others.

SearchWithin works by building an index of your drive's documents. This allows it to sort through gigabytes of data in under a second. The SearchWithin Indexing Service may be installed to conveniently schedule automatic, daily index updates. Indexing an entire 20 GB hard drive takes only about 30 minutes. You can add or update documents at any time by running the indexer again. You may also create a new index by selecting the "Create New Index" checkbox.

The free version of SearchWithin will display a sponsor page in your web browser each time you launch the software and every fourth search. If you would prefer not to see sponsor pages, you may purchase a license key for $9.95. SearchWithin never transmits any personal information or query information. Please see our FAQ for details about our software license or feel free to contact us.

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